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What is 30 Days of Confidence?

30 Days of Confidence is a downloadable 30-day breakthrough programme that elevates and expands your natural ease in life. Drawing on the best thinking in psychology, philosophy, neurology and coaching, it is a personal journey of growth.




One task a day in the areas of life that matter the most. These creative exercises push you beyond what you thought possible.




Rather than a theoretical look at confidence, you experience and identify what stops the flow of your own natural ease in life.




Break through your barriers, expand your happiness and deepen your relationships. Create a life you love.




Instead of putting on a false bravado, get underneath your notions of confidence and uncover a freedom to be yourself.

Gets you into action


We know that if we were more confident in certain areas of life, we'd be happier and more satisfied. It's been shown time and again that when we consistently take action we become more confident. 

30 Days of Confidence is the opportunity to take a stand, push your limits and rediscover your natural confidence.

Leading-edge thinking

brought together to uncover your natural confidence.

Confidence has been examined across a range of different fields from neurology to neuroscience and from philosophy to psychology. It has been debated amongst leaders, coaches, personal development professionals and self-help authors. It can be hard to know where to start if you want to build your confidence.

30 Days of Confidence pulls together the best of all this thinking and knowledge to create a powerful framework for developing your natural and authentic confidence.

Using a series of creative, daily tasks and a reflective journal, each day leaves you with more power and ease in life.



Challenges take you outside your comfort zone to gently chip away at what your brain falsely perceives as risky. You stretch the boundaries of your own confidence.


Actions that reconnect you to the positive things in life and deepen your appreciation of yourself and those around you, shifting your outlook on life.


Exercises that allow you to acknowledge accomplishments, uncover barriers, let go of disempowering thought patterns, and breathe new life into your future.

Where science meets action

Underpinned by neurology, psychology and practical philosophy.

30 Days of Confidence draws on decades of research into human beings as well as cutting edge thinking on leadership, coaching and personal development.


How to Grow Your Confidence in Seven Days

In this FREE course, you’ll discover how to immediately access your natural and authentic confidence. Including:

  1. What you can do RIGHT NOW to interrupt your brain perceiving “false threats” that limit your confidence

  2. Psychological and neurological “hacks” that leave you able to create authentic confidence whenever you need

  3. How to “trick” your brain into reshaping your limiting beliefs about confidence

    And much more!


What could you accomplish?

Everything you need

to tap into your natural confidence and ease


50 tasks & exercises that stimulate your confidence

One simple action to complete each day that expands and develops your confidence, plus 20 more “upgraded” actions that stretch you even further.



A specially designed guidebook & journal

We guide you through the process using our custom journalling framework, reflective exercises and inspirational quotes to have you take consistent action and maximise your growth and development.

Bonus materials

The programme includes over a dozen other bonus opportunities and recommendations to deepen your value, push your limits and leave you at ease.

Email enhancements

Throughout the programme you can choose to receive additional information that support you in taking action, and generating value. They provide you with even more depth and insight into the frameworks and ideas that either limit or expand your confidence.


It all started when…

30 Days of Confidence was developed by Lauren Giblin, Adam Cohen and James D’Souza in consultation with an expert team of teachers, coaches, trainers and facilitators, who each bring years of leadership, teaching and personal development experience. They are all committed to people living full, happy, self-expressed lives and wanted to find ways to offer that to others.


Rediscover who you are


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What’s Included:

  • 30 Days of Confidence Guidebook

  • 30 Days of Confidence Journal

  • 30 creative tasks & exercises that develop your confidence

  • 20 additional “upgraded” tasks

  • Over a dozen additional opportunities and recommendations for increasing your confidence

  • Optional email enhancements to dig deeper into what limits or expands your confidence

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What People are Saying

30 Days of Confidence was extraordinary. The thing that really surprised me was that not only did it make me step outside my comfort zone and do things that I’d been avoiding but I gained confidence in really surprising areas of my life.
It’s a kick! 30 Days of Confidence forced me to get out and do it. I’ve learned surprising new things about myself and am much more confident about talking in public now.
When first moved out I lost my social confidence being around people. From 30 Days of Confidence, I forced myself to talk to new people and it made me go - oh right I can still do this - turns out people don’t think I’m a weirdo!